Nuru Review by Fazul April 2017

Tabatha's best quality is her non-judgemental, intelligent, friendly, and supportive personality. She has a knack for being "in tune" with you. Don't let that fool you though, she's smoking hot with the most rock solid ass of any woman I've ever been with and skin that is like silk. She has a more open menu than many, and is a true bi-sexual if you're looking for a duo thing.

  The Juicy Details Tabatha is a multi-faceted kind of gal. She can meet you at the door and have your toes curling from the first moments, or set you up with a nuru massage where, by the end of things, she is sure to swallow every bit of stress you have. Either way, she has a knack for connecting with you and what you need.   Nuru Review by Fazul/Erotic Monkey April 2017 My particular session being reviewed here was an incall of her "spa" variety. Nuru with some special treatment to make sure all stress is accounted for (including some she rather deliberately created). I started off with a quick shower, which helps the nuru gel stick to your body. She worked that in with deft hands, and was very sagely in detecting the spots where i hold stress. She worked me from head to toe, and eventually placed an increasing focus on the in between. Before all was said and done, we needed a bit more room than what we had, so she had me move into her bed. There she focused on relieving the last of my stress, and allowed me to provide some assistance with hers at the same time. Tabatha is wonderful to have a conversation with. Physically, it's tough to pick a best feature - she's an all around attractive lady. She has the most rock solid behind I've ever had the opportunity to meet, silky smooth skin (nothing short of amazing really), and other assets to bring to bear.   

Time spent with Tabatha is time well spent. I recommend her highly for all experience levels. Newbies will love her friendly, relaxing nature, and more seasoned hobbyists will appreciate her skills and genuine expertise.eview by Weez43/TNA 11/14/16

Re: Nuru with Tabatha

Meet up with Tabatha for a Nuru session, which was a first time trying that. What a great time! It was a good incall environment. I could tell it was important to Tabatha that I leave feeling relaxed and re-energized. I certainly did. Tabatha really took care of me and you can tell she enjoys what she does. What a great lady, well worth the time. Thanks Tabatha for a wonderful time.

Review from Bb7iron/Tna September 2016 on a duo session with Dahlia...

 Duo with Dahlia and BlondeTabatha

I had my first Duo with these two at Tabathaspleasant and well equipped incall. I have had great experiences with both of these ladies in the past. They both had expressed interest in duos and like any guy this has always been dream of mine. Will now it's more than a dream. Tabathais a tall blonde with nice big perfect natural boobies, an exceptional bubble butt. She has the smoothest hairless vjj that is absolutely incredible to rub any part of your body against. She could speak french all day long and be perfectly happy. Dahlia is a petite blonde with a perfect set of big boobies that you would never know were implants. She also has a very nice bubble butt. She is neatly shaved with a perfectly looking vjj with an awesome pierced clit. Dahlia enjoys sex more than anybody I have ever met. She can DT like you would not believe and loves greek! We had a great time doing all of the above. Tabatha has a knack for directing (and participating in) the action. The most memorable duo part was being sandwiched between two sets of DD's. We all seemed to enjoy each others company.  Thanks Dahlia and Tabatha!


Review from 10/2416 Score@night TNA

Totally Tabatha!


What is there to say about Tabby that hasn't already been said. I just had the pleasure of her company and it was totally TabathasShe was everything advertised and more. She was warm welcoming, and sweet. Her incall is clean and charming and very welcoming. She made me feel like an old friend and feel comfortable which is saying something as I am an awkward individual. Our visit was not rushed. In fact, I didn't

notice a single clock so there was no clock watching even by me. And I am neurotic about time. The massage was amazing, relaxing and sensual. The hot stones were wonderfully relaxing. Tabby spent plenty of time massaging me and helping me relax and work out my tension before the flip which was even better than I had hoped for. Her technique is flawless and combines the perfect amount of touch, site, taste, and sound. She really seems to enjoy what she does and it shows. I don't think I could have had a better first visit. Tabby went above and beyond her advertised, reviewed, or rightfully earned reputation. I was very pleased and was reluctant to leave, especially the cuddling. She is definately a must visit if you are looking for a professional companion.

Date: 12/29/15n this we

By: Chancester/tna

Seeing Tabatha is like going to five star hotel (with remarkable room service) Sheek! xoxo takes care of all your needs too well. Getting spoiled is the only drawback to seeing her. Her in-call is understated and stylish and she moves about it with grace and aplomb. She provides beverages and snacks. From her pictures you might get the impression she is thin and maybe frail. No! She is a hard-body from head to toe with firm silky skin. It's next to impossible to take your eyes off her. There was porn on for part of our meeting. It felt like a distraction. The statuesque bearing and smoky voice make it easy and natural to submit to her. She was made for the "little black dress". She is confident in her sexuality and oh so willing to share it with you. When with her you are in the presence of a courtesan extraordinaire and sexual provocateur. You will lose yourself in free flowing intimacy. During you will forget what you may or may not have wanted to happen and after you be challenged to remember what did. Her afternoon special is real deal and so is she. Make time for her.



By: Hobby_pdx

Tabatha is amazing, I went with the 2 hour session and wish I gone even longer! Scheduling was fairly easy, she verified and the next day I was off to see her. Very nice, clean little house. There was porn playing on the TV when I get there. We had a quick drink and moved into the bedroom.  She has an amazing body that you can tell she puts a lot of work into. I didn't come across any no's and we both had multiple finishes.  At the end of two hours we showered together and I was on my way.  Looking forward to seeing her again... 


Date: 12/07/15


Set up was really easy. She was very responsive when I emailed her she got back to me very quickly. Since I am once again a newbie I gave her some information for screening which went very smoothly. Getting to her incall was simple once we got around the issue of one of our phones not working very well. I got there and I noticed that she had the door open and she was hiding behind it. Once she closed the door I saw her standing there in a skin tight black dress, thigh high F-me boots and stockings. The fact that her boots put her height close to mine was a huge turn on.  She has a very nice incall. Everything was very clean, candles burning for the mood and she had some porn playing in the background. After a bit of conversation and cocktails on her couch, she started stripping off her dress and danced for me. We moved to the bedroom… I will leave the details out, you can probably get an idea from the menu, but let’s just say Tabatha really knows and enjoys what she does. It was the most incredible, intense time I have ever had. We tried for a second time but it wasn’t happening. If you have the opportunity to see Tabatha don’t miss out! She is incredible


Date: 10/25/15


What can you say about Tabatha?  Put simply all the great things that have been written about her are all true. She is gorgeous, charming, and sexy as hell. She has a talent for putting people at ease and has enough sexuality for three women.  Without a doubt she is my new all time favorite and I will absolutely book again when I'm in Portland.



By: luckyday767/tna

Felt very fortunate that Tabatha replied to my email right away, and within a couple of hours we had an appointment booked on a weekday afternoon. Although I am new to he hobby, she agreed to see me and I sure am glad that she did. She guided me easily to her discreet incall. She is a tall, striking, warm, friendly and genuine person, and shows it with great care and affection. She quickly calmed my nerves, and helped me feel comfortable. She is very considerate and giving of herself and her time and was more concerned about my pleasure than about the time. I think I was more worried about running out of time than she was. Without going into great detail, I will say the afternoon was full of wonderful surprises and Tabatha expertly helped me to make the most of it. She did not push me but guided me in ways that we both seemed to enjoy very much. She is not shy about sharing her own pleasure, and that was an awesome turn on. She even had some wonderful treats ready after I showered and dressed. She is a real treasure and if you are lucky enough to see her, please treat her with the respect and admiration she deserves. Thank you, Tabatha, for a wonderful afternoon and for making me feel so special! I am still smiling thanks to you. Look forward to seeing you again.