Here's my top 5 list on what makes for a great session! 1. Be a gentleman While it seems obvious, I don't respond to 80% of my emails because being a gentleman starts with the first message. Introduce yourself, say hello, be sweet...starting off that way will do so much for the [more...]
Man has the inherent need to hunt, and it's been there since the beginning of our species. Our primitive area of mind drove us for survival, procreation, and protection. The studies are out there suggesting that is may take hundreds, if not thousand of years for DNA to evolve. That [more...]
Edging is a tantric technique of experiencing the sensation of an orgasm without ejaculation. It allows for such intense pleasure over an extended period of time, that regular sex pales in comparison. Led by a partner with extensive experience on the subject, pleasure centers of the brain are stimulated in [more...]
I have had so many inquiries as to a review that was posted on a 'mall incident' shared with a gentleman friend, that I thought I would write about it, as well as some other 'public encounters', and why I enjoy it so much... For those who know me, know that [more...]
  From Psychology Today- Stress often predisposes or worsens pain. Sexual activity and orgasm have been shown to reduce stress. A 2002 article in Sexual and Relationship Therapy found that the surge in oxytocin that accompanies orgasm appears to reduce stress and alter the response to stress. Oxytocin causes feelings of warmth [more...]
I read something the other day I found interesting... 'But those women who just happen to provide, outside of "the game," are usually some of the most beautiful, warm hearted, and generous. With them, the hard part is to not fall in love, as intimacy and nurture are so necessary [more...]
I was in a duo with my partner Natalee Raye the other day. We had just finished with a client friend and were sipping our wine while having pillow talk. He asked me if it was hard, breaking up marriages. I looked at Nat and we both giggled a bit. [more...]
First off, if you are reading this, then we probably have a meeting set up in the near future! How exciting!  So let's move ahead to what comes next---   Meeting at my place... You will have a general idea of where you are going, and I will call you just before [more...]
Marriage is an agreed upon partnership. Someone to share with experiences now, and memories later. You best friend, companion, partner, etc. I think the problem arises with the concept of monogamy. And we all know my opinion on that, unless you never read the blog on my site about 'roving [more...]
It seems that everyone has been getting on me to write. Some of you still inquire about the roving eyes blog and others I've written, but they are on my old site, and it won't come up for some reason! So here goes... This is something I shared recently, so I [more...]