Jan 13 2018

TOP 5 for a great session!

Here's my top 5 list on what makes for a great session! 1. Be a gentleman While it seems obvious, I don't respond to 80% of my emails because being a gentleman starts with the first message. Introduce yourself, say hello, be sweet...starting off that way will do so much for the actual session. When you arrive, being polite, asking if you should take your shoes off or where you should put your coat, and a nice warm hug is huge for me. I try to create the most inviting and comfortable environment for you, and it means a lot by you being so considerate. 2. Be neat and clean I can't say enough on this topic. If you're coming straight from the gym or have been smoking like a chimney in anticipation of our session, I have a nice hot shower ready for you, along with new toothbrushes and combs, just let me know. I also appreciate being fresh and groomed in the 'right places'. I know this it tough for some for obvious reasons, but just a little trimming goes a long way. 3. Have fun, share your fantasies! I love to hear what turns you on, fantasies you've had, etc. While I may have a good idea of how the session might go, we are all individuals, and everyone has their own preferences. This goes for both sides, and if we remember that, our time together will be that much more special xoxo 4. Being on time, and mindful as our time is coming to an end Some who've seen me will laugh at this, because I've been guilty of losing track of time and going over. But if you or I need to be somewhere following our session, I will try to make sure to keep track, so please be mindful and aware of the little signals. (Asking if you'd like a nice hot shower, or if you might like to take a snack or drink for the road, etc) I prefer extended sessions and afternoon jousts, but need to know ahead of time for planning purposes. 5. Have fun! Life is rough. Life is stressful. I want my home to be your perfect oasis...cocktails, bottled water, snacks, a warm shower, fresh linens and towels, etc. I try to create an environment where your shoes and cares are left at the door. It's a time that's just about you, and you can feel allowed to leave the rest of the world behind. That, above all else, makes for a wonderful time to be had for the two of us