Wish List

I am always surprised when a gentelman brings a gift!  It's such a thoughtful way to show appreciation. Taking that extra time and putting in the effort to make our session special is so much appreciated.. :) I thought I might list a few things to make it just a bit easier...xoxo


My very favorite are Star Gazer Lilies, but I do love just about any kind of flower, Once you've ever been to my place, you

may have notice my love of fresh flowers and their wonderful scent.



While I invite you to bring anything you'll enjoy, I usually prefer Grey Goose, Jim Beam Sin Fire, or some very nice red wine.


Little Surprises

Yummy smelling candles or lotion, dark chocolate, play toys, sexy lingerie, french perfume


Gift Cards

Nordstrom, Forever21, Bath/Body Works, Fandango


Favortie Spots for travel/leisure

Hawaii, New York City, Oregon Coast, San Diego, Las Vegas