Nov 02 2017

Why men don't just love the hunt, they need it-

Man has the inherent need to hunt, and it's been there since the beginning of our species. Our primitive area of mind drove us for survival, procreation, and protection. The studies are out there suggesting that is may take hundreds, if not thousand of years for DNA to evolve. That being said, it's no wonder that men on the 'hunt' for a woman in the hobby feel an excitement and adrenaline rush from searching photos, reading reviews, taking the plunge and messaging...'hunting' for their prey. It's part of every man's primitive area of mind and needs to be stimulated, one way or another. 
Once you've set the appointment, the anticipation can also be a rush...wondering how the session will go? If there' will be natural chemistry? Sometimes it exceeds your expectations, sometimes not. But it may be as much as the leading up to as it is the actual event that satisfies that part of the brain. 
It's no surprise that men love to hunt, fish, paintball, and play video games. Stimulating that 'hunting their prey' nature in their DNA. For women, (the gatherers) it explains why they love to shop...(sometimes window shopping is just as pleasurable as the real thing) bringing out that instinct to acquire and prepare. It's so fascinating how our primitive area of mind has changed so little, and how long it takes DNA to evolve. We really aren't that different from people born a thousand years ago.