Aug 01 2017

What is edging and why is it crucial for men over 40?

Edging is a tantric technique of experiencing the sensation of an orgasm without ejaculation. It allows for such intense pleasure over an extended period of time, that regular sex pales in comparison. Led by a partner with extensive experience on the subject, pleasure centers of the brain are stimulated in a way not possible through conventional foreplay. Why is this so important for men over 40? Beginning around this time, males begin to see a decrease in testosterone, leading to all sorts of symptoms, such as decreased sex drive, hair loss, weight gain, etc. Men will go to doctors to get shots in order to bring them to a healthy level. However, findings from a recent study in China showed that after seven days of experimenting with edging, men saw a 45.7 percent increase in testosterone levels. There are several reasons for this, but the benefits leave little doubt that edging not only feels fantastic and increases sexual also makes men over 40 more vital, energetic, and healthy. 2017-08-17 17:20:18
As a man in my late 50's---I can relate to this! great point and is this something that you will do?