Jan 11 2017

The interesting dynamics of being a provider...

I read something the other day I found interesting... 'But those women who just happen to provide, outside of "the game," are usually some of the most beautiful, warm hearted, and generous. With them, the hard part is to not fall in love, as intimacy and nurture are so necessary to the human psyche. Only the most cynical feel nothing for such grace and beauty'  I was so moved by this I wanted to give my perspective. See, I do love and have loved quite a few friends over the years. I consider myself a healer in what I do. People need the affection, touch, and fantasy I provide. But I'm no actress (ask anyone I know). If I am connecting on a deep level as I do, of course there are feelings..deep feelings. Some men will read this and come back with cruel, insensitive remarks because it makes them feel big to talk about a provider as though she's less then. I see the beauty, grace, and healing that can happen when a woman opens up and shares everything she has. This year makes a decade of doing what I do. I'm coming from a place of love. I've seem some of my regulars for years, I know their story. They can share things with me that they can't with anyone else for fear of judgment or backlash. I am their safe zone. Truth be told, I have no one special in my life. There simply isn't room for it with my choice to provide. Sure, not cuddling someone at night can be a bit lonely, but I consider myself in a relationship with the people I see. Another provider asked me once, how can I look like I was so in love and cared so deeply for the client we were seeing. I explained that when they are with me, it is as real as the air I breathe. I just have to accept when they leave, it's like breaking up...but only until I see them again. I will be judged, laughed at, and that's okay. I'm happy with my 'relationship', however unconventional it may appear to someone on the outside. But if that weren't the case...if I didn't come from a place of genuine love, I don't think providing would mean anything to me. I like to think that quote might just apply to me in the eyes of a few people in this world. I hope that's true.

cptnmorgan79: 2017-01-16 22:20:38
After reading what you wrote you sound like a wonderful, caring woman. How can a man go wrong with wanting to spend time with you. You are special.
KMac: 2017-01-20 05:01:16
Tabatha, that quote most definitely applies to you, and is fundamental to what makes you stand out in the crowd. In a well-populated field, you stand apart and set the bar high. Can't wait till our next encounter..........
Truckerguy : 2017-10-17 11:55:39
Wow so wonderfully said, you sound even more beautiful than your photos present you to to be. Your attitude is refreshing and honest, and connecting with you even for breif moments must be a joyous experience