Nov 28 2016

Marriage Therapy?

I was in a duo with my partner Natalee Raye the other day. We had just finished with a client friend and were sipping our wine while having pillow talk. He asked me if it was hard, breaking up marriages. I looked at Nat and we both giggled a bit. I explained to him, "I think you may have it turned around, babe...we are saving marriages all the time!" I cannot tell you how many people that were in a long term relationship and ready to walk out, for lack of affection and intimacy. Then they found me. We all need to be touched, caressed, and feel cared about. Sadly, too many people leave partners that are their best friends, because they don't see any other option. Most feel this is a safe and healthy outlet for that, as they have no wish to leave their families. As babies and children, we're showered with affection, touch, warmth, and reassurance. We become adults and the most we get is a high five or the occasional hug if we're lucky. In order to lead a happy, healthy life, our needs must be met and have never changed. May I help you with that? :)