Jan 02 2016

Is monogamy unrealistic?

Marriage is an agreed upon partnership. Someone to share with experiences now, and memories later. You best friend, companion, partner, etc. I think the problem arises with the concept of monogamy. And we all know my opinion on that, unless you never read the blog on my site about 'roving eyes'! 

"If I go out and enjoy a delicious steak at Ringside, why am I evil when I get home, just because I don't want the hamburgers she made?" Does it mean that I don't love her? Cuz' let's face it, the same girl that you are oogling over at the strip club or on TNA, is certainly not the woman you want to kick it on the porch with when your 85! 

Why can't women understand this? It is the norm in other countries that men have mistresses, concubines, courtesans, geishas, etc. Just not in our repressed country. As far as the necessary things in life, sex is just under water, food, and sleep!

Understanding the genetic makup/primal needs of a man...
Men are visually stimulated, coming from the 'primitive hunter' they once were. They had to be visually motivated to catch their supper for the clan. Then there's the fact that having such a dangerous job, men were injured or killed, and often leaving the women outnumbering the men. Men are programmed with external organs that become easily stimulated, helping out the females in need and keeping the clan going.

The idea of monogamy simply does not come naturally to the human species, certainly not for men. Women, from their primitive 'programming', are emotionally drawn to people, given their nuturing, protective nature. The females would stay behind while the men hunted, gathering and preparing food, taking care of the young. Most women need an emotional connection to stray from their relationship. 

We women know this to be true, and understand full well that men will cheat, because the whole of idea of being faithful was our attempt at denial of who we truly are. All humans require the following on a daily basis, in this order;


Women can be in denial all they like, but men will still be men. They get a hard on from a strong wind, for goodness sake! And, with the visual stimulation of anything shiny and new, they are on the hunt, once again. While women pretend to not know this, they do, they just want to try to keep it down to a minimum.

My answer is this, just do it respectfully. Do your business, but not too close to home. This means being discreet, pre-paid cell phone, seeeing a girl that doesn't know who to track you down, should she get attached. Don't mix it up with the babysitter, secretary, or your neighbor three doors down, it's just not worth it. You will push your wife to divorce you, as she will have been humiliated.

So save the fantasy of you and your secretary for just that, your fantasies! Be safe, be discreet, and most importantly, don't guilt yourself to death about it. It's who you are, just be smart about it.

Just my two cents, but I'd love to hear what YOU think!

wickedfz1: 2016-07-06 10:36:07
Finally, some common sense about all of this :) It's really nice hearing (reading) this from a woman's perspective!
Joemartin1795: 2017-09-09 03:57:55
I am new to the hobby. And so I am still fighting myself as to why I am in the hobby. I have a wonderful wife and family that I love very much. Yet I find myself uncontrollably search tan and bp. I have read our blog and it makes some sense, yet I can not stop thinking that we have evolved past our primal instinct. Or at least we should have. What are your thoughts?