Jul 06 2017

Hot Public Encounters...

I have had so many inquiries as to a review that was posted on a 'mall incident' shared with a gentleman friend, that I thought I would write about it, as well as some other 'public encounters', and why I enjoy it so much... For those who know me, know that I have experimented alot with people, places and things (Yes, they are all nouns). And while each situation was different, the excitement level was the same. The thrill of the 'secret' only the two of you share, as he follows you through the mall, watching your dress move to and gently hug your body, knowing you have nothing on underneath but soft, moist skin. To feel him brush against you at the book store and gently reach his fingers under your dress to caress your thigh. All the while, people around so completely unaware of the sexual tension that continues to build...that is what I think draws me to it, knowing it is so risky. I wonder if that is why forbidden things seem so being in a video booth made for one, ripping just enough clothing off to get some relief, all the while people are trying the door knob to see if it's locked...our heart's racing that someone should know what we are doing inside. Or going to a bar, separately of course. And while we eye each other, we wait for the right moment to meet in the restroom for some fun in a way as not to disturb the other patrons. While I don't think that it's necessary to share this kind of experience in order to have true erotic enjoyment...I do think that the sexual chemistry and tension created doing different things is what makes pleasure all that more intense. It is the feeling of doing something you don't want to do, shouldn't do, and yet you do it anyways. I can apply that statement to a lot of things, as I'm sure you can, too...xoxoxoxoxxoxox